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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Lost Kingdoms Nintendo Gamecube Cheats

Duplicate Cards
Save your game in two files. Then exit your game and go to Two-Player mode. Load the file that you want the cards to go to for player one in "P1 Settings" and then load the other file for player two "P2 Settings". Then, in "P1 Settings," go to "Bet". Bet any three cards (it doesn't matter which ones). Then, in "P2 Settings," go to "Bet". Bet the three cards that you would like to go to player one. Start the match and immediately beat player 2. Then your first file will have 3 more cards!

How to get Red dragon
Go to the mountain level and fight the red dragon then at the end of the level pick the last card

God of Destruction Card
Defeat Thalnos in Broch Black. After he is defeated, defeat the God of Destruction to obtain his card.

Fire Gargoyle Card
To get the fire gargoyle card collect 12 red fairies and then give them to the scholar and he will give you a Fire Gargoyle (a 3 star) and a 2 star.

Get Great Demon Card
To get Great Demon card, after you beat the level Blessoon, it will ask you to pick 1,2 or 3. If your luck is good then you will pick a Fire Golem(if your luck isn't good and you don't pick a Fire Golem you can always get a Sand Golem and use it in battle to get experience and transform the Sand Golem into a Fire Golem). Use your Fire Golem in battle so it gains experience, so you can transform it into an Efreet. Use your Efreet in battle to gain experience, to transform it into a Great Demon. Have fun with your Great Demon.

Get Stone Head Card
To get Stone Head card get twenty red fairies and go to Alexander and select trade fairies option and he will give you a stone head card. When you put a Stone Head card on the field he will go up in the air so no one can see him and he will come down after a few seconds.

Fire Gargolye Card
To get the fire gargolye card collect 12 red fairies and then give them to the schollar and he will give you a Fire Gargolye (a 3 star) and a 2 star.

Control loading screen
Use the Analog-stick to move the text on the loading screen.

Easy Experience
If you need to get experience for your cards, just go to a level and play it almost to the end. do not finish the level. Then, when your almost at the end, pause the game and choose abort. You will loose all the cards found in that level and your red fairies too, but the cards you used will keep their earned experience.

One-Hit Kill on Last Boss
Use the Doppleganger card and it may kill the boss with one hit. Note that you will need to upgrade the following cards to 9,999 EXP Points:
#45-Great Turtle
#69-Blue Dragon
#83-White Tiger (Rare card, make a copy first)
#104-God Of Destruction (Rare card, make a copy first)


Control loading screen:
Use the Analog-stick to move the text on the loading screen. Information in this section was contributed by wibcy.

Easy experience:
To get experience early in the game, complete the first two stages (the starting castle plus the training stage). You should now gain access to the Apothecary and Blessoon. Go to the Apothecary and talk to Guru. After speaking with her, Dahl-Nok Valley will become available. Go to Dahl-Nok Valley and go to the right. There should be bee hives there. Select them to fight the Giant Bees. To kill them easily, send out your Man Trap. Have it attack the Bee once, then call it back. Finish off the bee with any desired character to gain the experience. Note: Bees cannot be captured. Each time you kill a Bee, you should gain about 100 to 140 experience. After killing about three Bees, return to the main map then go back and repeat until you get the desired amount of experience.

Easy money:
A very easy way to gain money early in the game is to go to Blessoon as soon as it becomes available. Catching most of the creatures and selling them will give you more than enough money. The easiest way to get money is to catch and sell the Rats. You will get about 40 gold per rat sold to the Apothecary. The most expensive card, the Guro only costs about 210 gold

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