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Friday, December 5, 2014

Lost Kingdoms II Nintendo Gamecube Cheats

A Lot Of Cards
If you defeat Queen Katia in the battle grounds ( where Gurd lives) you will be able to transfer all of your cards from Lost Kingdoms I to Your Lost Kingdoms II game.

Complete Card List
001 Skeleton
002 Ghost Armor
003 Red Dragon
004 Lizard Man
005 Mandragora
006 Elephant
007 Red Lizard
008 Unicorn
009 Hobgoblin
010 Sand Golem
011 Jack-O-Lantern
012 Man Trap
013 Sand Worm
014 Mummy
015 Cockatrice
016 Sasquatch
017 Wraith
018 Orc
019 Fairy
020 Vampire Bush
021 Catoblepas
022 Kraken
023 Water Reaper
024 Fenril
025 Lich
026 Carbuncle
027 Flayer Spawn
028 Golden Goose
029 Zombie Dragon
030 Fire Golem
031 Running Bird
032 Giant Crab
033 Banshee
034 Land Shark
035 Beserker
036 Flying Ray
037 Demon Hound
038 Behemoth
039 Basilisk
040 Mole Monster
041 Maelstrom
042 Lycanthrope
043 Sand Beetle
044 Necromancer
045 Great Turtle
046 Gold Butterfly
047 Ghoul
048 Treant
049 Sea Monk
050 King Mandragora
051 Larval Fly
052 Crystal Rose
053 Dark Raven
054 Wizard
055 Dragonoid
056 Dryad
057 Birdman
058 Will o' Wisp
059 Archer Tree
060 Stone Head
061 Blood Bush
062 Efreet
063 Dragon Knight
064 Demon Fox
065 Juggernaut
066 Fire Gargoyle
067 Great Demon
068 Evil Eye
069 Blue Dragon
070 Gnome
071 Venom Lizard
072 Tiger Mage
073 Hydra
074 Siren
075 Salamander
076 Chimera
077 Goblin Lord
078 Scythe Beast
079 Kitty Trap
080 Night Mare
081 Golden Phoenix
082 Rheebus
083 White Tiger
084 Venus Spider
085 Vampire
086 Sphinx
087 Mermaid
088 Puppet Master
089 Plague Rat
090 Undine
091 Whip Worm
092 Trickster
093 Demon Skeleton
094 Caterpoker
095 Beelzebub
096 Mind Flayer
097 Ice Golem
098 Cyclops
099 Black Dragon
100 Steel Skeleton
101 Chaos Knight
102 Decoy Pillar
103 Elephant King
104 God of Destruction
105 Doppleganger
106 Earth Elemental
107 Water Elemental
108 Fire Elemental
109 Wood Elemental
110 Aggressor GL2
111 Succubus
112 Incubus
113 Valkyrie
114 Napalm Beast
115 Green Dragon
116 Wyvern
117 Sprite
118 Leprechaun
119 Charadrius
120 Yowie
121 Apsaras
122 Death
123 Porcupig
124 Golden Porcupig
125 Mandra Dancer
126 Super Pumper
127 Lucky Lion
128 Vodianoi
129 Uroboros
130 Yin Yang
131 Dao
132 Manticore
133 March Hare
134 Marid
135 Elf
136 Elf Lord
137 Dark Elf
138 Global Bust
139 Garuda
140 Popgun Charlie
141 Acid Cloud
142 Baby Dragon
143 Brine Dragon
144 CircaSauras
145 Stone Golem
146 Gizmolizer
147 MechLance 5L
148 Fireworks
149 Sekmet
150 Undead Knight
151 Panther Mage
152 Lamassu
153 LazerBug 39K
154 Myconid
155 Spartoi
156 Phantom Ship
157 Raflesia
158 Daidarapochi
159 Gemini
160 Amber Dragon
161 Demon Lord
162 Witchlette
163 AcidBot
164 Chameleus
165 Devil Plant
166 Centaur
167 Dark Treant
168 Coal Treant
169 Sleeping Giant
170 Gravity Pillar
171 Storm Hagan
172 Rock Hagan
173 Bum Hagan
174 Octobush
175 Chariobot
176 Dark Sprite
177 Gargoyle
178 MechaPult
179 Aggressor DX5
180 Matador
181 Phooka
182 Devata
183 Barometz
184 Cerberus
185 Thantos
186 Nueh
187 Horus
188 Acid Dragon
189 Rubber Froggy
190 Boom Monkey
191 UberBomberBot
192 Gorgon
193 Pixie
194 Baba Yaga
195 Berserk Master
196 Rabandos
197 Hell Hound
198 Tumble Chick
199 Mad Reverser
200 Sleipnir
201 Claws-R-Us
202 TriBlaster
203 Anarchy Owl
204 Pegasus
205 Phoenix
206 Ashura
207 Talos
208 Crystal Magic
209 Psycho Dice
210 Blue Mold
211 Jade Giant
212 Fafnir
213 Beaker
214 Pazuzu
215 SuperScrubber
216 AstroBot
217 Vouivre
218 Fire Moray
219 Water Moray
220 Earth Moray
221 Ryuhi
222 Demon Swordsman
223 Ice Skeleton
224 Sacred Umpire
225 Emperor
226 Capture Card

Get Good Ending
Get the Stone of Sealing before fighting Sol. Then beat the Body of God in the Royal Tower to get the good ending.

Unlock Helina In Versus Mode
You need to defeat Helina in an arena. After you defeat the boss in the Scared Arena (Area 2), go west and find Helina's Arena. Note you need to have the following prerequisites or Helina will not fight:
Your character's Neutral Skill is 6 or more.
Defeat all bosses in the first arena.
Defeat the unknown man or Kendarie Knight blocking the exit.

Unlock Katia In Versus Mode
After defeating the boss in Scared Arena 2, head north and fight Katia. Defeat her and an option saying, "Do you want to take on Katia's responsibilities?" Selecting yes will download your card collection from the first game (from your Lost Kingdom save file) and add it to your LK2 save. Note: You can only download your LK1 card collection to your LK2 save once, and at this point in the game. Saving afterwards will unlock Katia.

Unlock Kendarie Warrior In Versus Mode
Defeat the Kendarie Boss in the Kendarie Fortress in Area 1.

Unlock Rashiannu In Versus Mode
Clear the Royal Tower Upper Floor on single player mode. Don't forget to save the game!

Unlock Thalnos In Versus Mode
After you beat Leod and Helena in Scared Arena 2 (after clearing the game once), fight Thalnos in the north most doorway of the arena. Deck him and save the game.

Unlock Urbur Cultist In Versus Mode
Defeat an Urbur Cultist, clear the stage and save. This selection is listed as "Unknown" on the Versus mode screen for some reason.

Extra Level
When you beat the game their will be a extra level at the top of the last level.


Good ending:
Defeat the unknown men and get the Stone of Sealing before you go to the castle and fight with Sol. Defeat the Body of God for the second time in the Royal Tower to view the ending
Play as Helina from first Lost Kingdoms in Vs:
Defeat the neutral element boss monster in the scared arena (2nd Area) and rather then returning to the beginning continue west to another battle arena. Fight Helina in this arena and defeat her. You must have a skill level of 6 or higher in neutral ability and have defeated the 1st battle arena bosses and the unknown man blocking the arena exit (or if second time or more an extra kendarie knight). This can be done at any time during the game. Defeat her and she appears in the character roster in vs. mode

Play as Katia in Vs. and Download cards from LK:
After you defeat Thalnos in the Scared Battle Arena 2, head north to another arena. Fight Katia and beat her. When you win, the "official" mission will end and it will automatically take you back to the world map. At this point before you can do anything, it will ask you if you want to "Take on Katia's responsibilities". This message is asking you if you want to download your card collection from the original Lost Kingdoms and add it to your current collection (this is the only time that you can do this action for the save file). If you want to, select ok then yes. In any case, save your game and when you load up the file in vs. mode, Katia will appear on the character roster.

Play as Kendarie Warrior In Vs. Mode:
Defeat the Kendarie Card Master Boss (not the lower Kendarie Knights) in the Kendarie Fortress in the first region. Save your game and when you load it again in vs. the Kendarie Warrior becomes available for choosing.

Play as Rashiannu in Vs. Mode:
Beat the Royal Tower Upper Level (This final normal stage for single player mode). Then let the game save the completion settings. When you load up that data in vs. mode, Rashiannu will be available in the character roster.

Play as Thalnos from Lost Kingdoms in Vs:
After you beat Helena and Leod in the Scared Battle Arena 2 (you can only fight Leod here after you beat the game), go to the northern most door in the area and go in. Fight Thalnos and after you beat him save your game. When you load this data in vs. mode, Thalnos will appear on the character roster.

Play as Urbur Cultist in vs. mode:
Defeat one of the cultists that you encounter in battle (most likely, the first one you'll meet is in Ruldo Forest, but any will do), then complete or abort the stage you're on. Save your game and when you load your file in vs. mode, the Urbur Cultist will be available to play (the character is marked as "unknown" on the list).

Duplicate any card
To accomplish this trick, you must have two separate saved games. You can't just save to a different file or memory card. Start a new game, abort the first mission, and save your progress in a separate file.
Now go to the VS mode and load your primary game (the one you want to copy your cards to) for player 1, and your new game for player 2. Wager whatever cards you want to duplicate, then lose to player 2. Load your new game, then save that game in however many slots you want (don't overwrite your primary game!) Go back to VS mode and load your primary game as player 1, and whichever copy of your new game as player 2. Win as player 1, and take back your cards, then go through all the duplicate new games, making wagers of whatever cards you want duplicated. This even works with the very expensive capture card!

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