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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Lego Island 2: The Bricksters Revenge Nintendo Gamecube Cheats

Castle Island
Go to Darren's house and find the Hospital page in the backyard. Go to the Hospital's mailbox. A patient will give you a ticket to Castle Island. Go to the Ferry Pier to go to Castle Island.

Go left from your house to reach the intersection. Next, go down across the road and keep going in that direction. At the corner, go right. Keep going until the Brickster gives you a skateboard.

From the "man fixing car".
From the radio man.
Go south from the tunnel leading to the south part of the
Near the farm at the south part of the

New Vehicles
After you beat the game go back to lego island, then go to the helicopter landing pad by Mrs. Post's store there you wil find the hang glider. It controls the same as the helicopter. Also if you go the radio station you will find a dionsaur that you can fly too.

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