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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Legends of Wrestling 2 Nintendo Gamecube Cheats

Get British Bulldog
In career mode pick Dynamite Kid, then finish career mode to get British Bulldog in the shop.

Get John Studd
In career mode pick any wrestler and Beat John Studd to unlock him in the shop.

Get Owen Hart
In career mode pick Bret Hart and finish the career mode to unlock Owen in the shop.

Unlock Bruno Samartino
In career mode pick Hulk Hogan and finish career mode to unlock Bruno in the shop.

Unlock Andy Kaufman
In career mode pick Jerry Lawler and defeat Andy Kaufman to unlock Andy in the shop.

Unlock Unlimited Green Coins
Finish career mode using all wrestlers.

Easy Green Coins
Enter the Create A Legend screen and intentionally make a wrestler with poor attributes (stats are all at zero). Defeat him repeatedly in ladder and cage matches to get three Green Coins with each win.

Play in a 16 team tournament. Pick one wrestler and play him through the tournament. Save before you fight the last wrestler. After you defeat him, you will get 1 Green Coin for winning the match and 9 Green Coins for winning the tournament. After winning the last match and collecting your 10 Green Coins, leave tournament mode without saving. Do not save in tournament mode after the last match or you will have to start again. Save in the options menu to keep your Green Coins. Go back to tournament mode and load the tournament you just saved. You should only have to fight the last wrestler again. Win the last match again and get 10 Green Coins. Repeat this as many times as desired. This also works in the 4 and 8 team tournaments. Note: It helps if you stack the tournament in your favor by choosing weaker opponents.

Find or create a wrestler that has an easily accessible submission move, such as one that can be used straight from a grapple. Then, have a friend be the referee in an 8-man tag match while you are controlling the wrestler with the submission move. Immediately when the match starts, put the move on your opponent and have your friend count it as if he gave up. You should win the match in about five seconds and add five Green Coins to your account.

Cheat Mode
Select career mode and choose any wrestler. During career mode, enter one of each of the match types. You can either finish the match or immediately exit. After all match types have been entered, a message stating that the cheats can now be purchased in the shop will appear.

Belle Jackson
Complete the Southeast region in Career Mode.

Hiro Natsuume
Complete the World region in Career Mode.

Randall Schmandall
Complete the Pacific region in Career Mode.

Scotty MacDougal
Complete the Midwest region in Career Mode.

Tex McGraw
Complete the Southwest region in Career Mode.

Tony "The Boss" Pavorati
Complete the Northeast region in Career Mode.

Ability to defend Tag Team Titles in Exhibition
Win the Tag Belt Tournament.

Ability to Defend the US Title in Exhibition
Complete all regions in the Career Mode.

Ability to Defend World Title in Exhibition
Complete the World Region in Career Mode.

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