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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Wreckless: the Yakuza Missions Nintendo Gamecube Cheats

Get Gold Rating On All Missions
Highlight the unlimited time cheat and HOLD L + R + Right and press Z.


Cheat mode:
At the scenario selection screen, select "Cheats". Highlight the "Unlimited Time" option, then hold down L + R + Right and press Z. All missions and cheats will be unlocked.

Unlock Missions with Gold Rating:
Whilst highlighting the unlimited time cheat, hold down the L, R and Right, and then press Z. This will unlock all missions with the gold rating.

Missions A-2 to A-4:
Successfully complete mission A-1.

Missions B-2 to B-4:
Successfully complete mission B-1.

Successfully complete mission A-9.

Dragon-SPL Car:
Successfully complete mission A-1.

Super Car:
Successfully complete mission B-1.

Successfully complete mission B-8.

Successfully complete mission A-8 to unlock the car that Tiger Tagachi drives.

Yakuza Car:
Successfully complete mission B-9.

Gold rank on all missions:
Highlight the "Unlimited time" option at the main menu then press L + R + Right + Z as the game loads.

Music test:
Successfully complete all twenty missions to unlock the "Music Test" selection at the options screen.

Alternate view:
Press Down to cycle through different screen effects during game play and replays. To unlock more effects, successfully complete missions A-9, A-10, B-9, and B-10.

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