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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Worms 3D Nintendo Gamecube Cheats

In levels where there are objects floating in the air, if you teleport onto them sideways, there is a chance that you will actually teleport inside the object. This is especially true for the green air ships.

Level Generator
Not only can you type in numbers to generate levels, but you can also type in words and it will convert it for you.

Mad Cows
Complete all three shotgun challenges with a 'Gold medal' rank.

Nuclear Bomb
To unlock the Nuclear Bomb, complete all ten deathmatch challenges. If it does not work with all bronzes, try to get silvers and golds.

Super Sheep
To unlock the Super Sheep, complete all Super Sheep challenges with a 'Gold medal' rank.

Banana Bomb
Beat Shotgun Challenge 3.

Bridge Kit
Beat Deathmatch Challenge 10.

Beat Jetpack Challenge 3.

Voice Change
If you type in "team17" on the keyboard in the Quick Fix mission then you will unlock French Lover's voice.


Banana Bomb
Beat Shotgun Challenge 3 (Quite Hard but easy none-of-the-less)

Bridge Kit
Beat Deathmatch Challenge 10 (Believe me, it's difficult! Even if you cheat! 0.0)

Earthquake (The near-Ultimate Weapon)
Beat Jetpack Challenge 3 (And it's in *SPOILER* Camp Darkside * End SPOILER!*

Super Sheep
Beat Super Sheep Challenge 3 (Believe me, it's easy!)

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