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Monday, August 10, 2015

Wave Race: Blue Storm Nintendo Gamecube Cheats

In-game reset
While playing hold X+B+Start at the same time.

Dolphin Park Stunt track
Once you have the password option simply enter "463YWNX3" as a password to unlock this track in "normal" under stunt mode.

Password Option
At the options menu, press Start+Z+X at the same time to unlock the password option,use this to type in your time attack and other codes.

La razza Canal Time Attack
Once you get the password option simply type in "MJV8LKL6" as a password to unlock La Razza Canal in "hard" under time attack mode.

Ethnic Lagoon Time Attack(Japanese version)
Once you get the password option simply type in "J784WMHF" and there you go.

Ethnic Lagoon Time Attack(Japanese version)
Enter "J784WMHF" as a password.

Ride a dolphin
Once you have gotten to the password option simply type in "DLPHNMOD" then submit it,pick a racer, and before you you know it you will be doing backflips on a dolphin.

Just For Fun
Once you have typed in "MJV8LKL6" in the password option you will have "Time attack" for the course "La Razza Canal". Once you start playing sooner you will come apon some blue poles,which will break if you hit them right. Or some canoes which will break and sink if you hit them right. Fun isn't it?

Shortcut in Ocean City Harbour
After the third ramp, make a sharp right turn so that you can see a red gate guarding a tunnel. Go through the gate, which opens a very nice shortcut.

Ancient Shortcut in Lost Temple Lagoon
Towards the end of the track you will enter a twisty river. Run into the brick wall with your Jet Ski and it will break, revealing a path with an ancient temple.

Hidden Shortcut in Arctic Bay
After passing a buoy or two after the small ice arch and before the ramp, at around 2 o'clock you will se a discoloration in the mountain side. Run into that discoloration and it will open up an underground penguin lair. You can cruise around the shining cave before hitting the icy waters!

Hidden Island in Dolphin Park
In free roam mode, aim for the island in the background when you first start. Use your turbo before passing the "out of bounds" area. If done correctly, you will see a second area. When you get to that area use your turbo again. This new island has monsterous waves that you can do various tricks.

Tournament mode
Press X + Z + Start at the options menu to unlock the "Password" selection. Passwords for various time tournaments may now be entered.

Control loading screen
Press the Left Analog-stick while a track loads to control the water.

Control title screen
Press the Left Analog-stick when "Start" appears on the title screen to move it on the water.

Alternate costumes
Highlight a racer and press Z at the character selection screen.

Cool Ocean track
Successfully complete the game in championship mode under the normal difficulty setting.

Aqua Maze track
Successfully complete the game in championship mode under the hard difficulty setting.

Victory Gate track
Successfully complete the game in championship mode under the expert difficulty setting.

Successfully complete the Expert Championship in first, second, or third place to respectively unlock the weather conditions in Time Trial mode under the expert, hard, or normal difficulties.

Try mode
Successfully complete training mode under the beginner and master difficulty settings to unlock the "Try" option on the training menu.

Quick start
Press A immediately before "Go" is announced and the light turns green.


Password Screen
Enter the options menu and press Start + Z + X to unlock a "Password" option. Use this option to enter passwords to compete in official time attack challenges.

Unlock Aqua Maze
To unlock Aqua Maze, beat Championship mode on Hard difficulty.

Unlock Cool Ocean
To unlock Cool Ocean, beat Championship mode on Normal difficulty.

Unlock Victory Gate
To unlock Victory Gate, beat Championship mode on Expert difficulty.

Unlock All Weather Conditions at Once
To unlock all the weather conditions in the Time Trial Mode (without having to race each track on each condition), including the rare Storm condition, you have to complete the Expert Championship.
Third Place: Unlock all Time Trial Weather Conditions for Normal
Second Place: Unlock all Time Trial Weather Conditions for Hard
First Place: Unlock all Time Trial Weather Conditions for Expert

Unlock Secret Tracks:
Complete Championship Mode on the following settings to unlock the corresponding tracks:
Cool Ocean: Beat Championship Mode on Normal setting.
Aqua Maze: Beat Championship Mode on Hard setting.
Victory Gate: Beat Championship Mode on Expert setting.

Time Attack Tournament Password
When on the Main Menu, choose Option and press X, Z, and Start. Then, select the Password entry screen. On this screen, enter this password: J784WMHF

If all of the above steps were performed correctly, the Ethnic Lagoon track in Normal mode of Time Attack should appear. You can choose any character and customization for the 3 lap race.

After you finish the race, enter your initials on the next screen. Write down your initials andthe 27-digit/character code. If you submit this code in the contest by October 25, you can win up to 100,000 yen!! This is around $835 for all the Americans out there... ^_^ You can also win a copy of Super Smash Bros. Melee!!

Alternate Costumes:
At the character selection screen, highlight a character and press the Z button.

Free Turbo Boosts:
On both the Ethnic Lagoon and Aspen Lake tracks, there are small ramps near the lap marker on the the left-hand side of the track. Jump the ramp and you'll be given a free turbo boost, regardless of your turbo meter.

Messing With The Load Screen:
While waiting for a track to load, when your on the screen displaying the track name, mess around with the analog stick. It has an effect on the water.

Messing With The Start Screen:
When the Start logo appears on the Title Screen, move the left analog stick around to move the Start logo around.

Try! Mode:
Enter training mode and complete all training objectives under the beginner and master settings to unlock the stunt course variation of Dolphin Park in training mode

Turbo Start:
To begin the race with full turbo, hit your accelerator as soon as the starting light turns green.

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