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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Viewtiful Joe Nintendo Gamecube Cheats

Unlock Joe's girlfriend
Complete the game in adult mode to unlock Joe's Girlfriend, and Viewtiful World Video.

Viewtiful World Video
Complete the game in Kid's mode to unlock the Viewtiful World video.

Cheat Codes
First you must go to the game folder and find the file named nwn.ini Now open this file in Notepad and go to the Game Options section, and add the following:

Debug Mode=1

If you are going to edit the characters, open the nwnplayer.ini file and add these lines:

Single Player Enforce Legal Characters=0
Single Player ItemLevelRestrictions=0

This allows you to play past the module you're on.

Now save the file and start the game. During the game hit the tilde (~) key to bring down the console. Now type DebugMode=1 . Cheat mode is now enabled. Cycle through the codes with the tilde (~) key. Use any of the codes below. If you get a message that says Enter Target Mode Appears, click on the character you'd like the code to affect.

Change age: SetAge (number)
Change base attack SetAttackBase (number)
Change Charisma: SetCHA (number)
Change Constitution: SetCON (number)
Change Dexterity: SetDEX (number)
Change fortitude save modifier: ModSaveFort
Change Intelligence: SetINT (number)
Change Level: dm_givelevel (number)
Change race: SetAppearance (race)
Change reflex save modifier: ModSaveReflex
Change spell resistance modifier: ModSpellResistance (number)
Change Strength: SetSTR (number)
Change will save modifier: ModSaveWill
Change Wisdom: SetWIS (number)
Flying Cows: dm_cowsfromhell
Get Gold: dm_givegold (number)
Hobby Horse: dm_mylittlepony
Invincibility: dm_god
Restore HP: dm_heal
Raise levels: GetLevel (number)
Raise XP: GiveXP (number)

Level Select
Hit pause, now press down, right, down, right, left, left, up.

Rage Attacks
You must get a supersmash before you can use Rage attacks. You also need 2 or more blocks of rage to use it.

Use any config on any plane
Select a plane in offline mode with a configuration, then hit close. Fly the plane then exit. Now select a different plane and instead of clicking close, click fly. The config on this plane should be the same as the previous one.

Faster game
Delete the file for all of the credits. You can now get into the game much faster.

Play as Captain Blue
Beat the game on Ultra V rated.

Play as Alastor
Finish the game on V Rated mode.

Unlock Super Unlimited VFX
Defeat the game with a Rainbow V ranking for every level. You do this by getting a V ranking for V points, Defense and Time on every task on each level. Then, select New Game, select the character you beat the game with, and hit Z. The word Super will appear, and that character will now have unlimited VFX.

Ultra V Rated Mode
Defeat the game on V rated mode to unlock Ultra V Rated mode.

Unlock V Rated Mode
Defeat the game on Adult mode to unlock V Rated difficulty mode.

Skip Movies
To skip any movie during the course of the game, press Z.

Get Infinite Viewtiful Points
At any of the Power Conductor Stations (two orbs on top of small towers that light up when hit, the first you come to is in the sewers of the second episode.), stand in the middle but closer to one than the other. Zoom in and kick to hit both Towers, and the one you are closer to will light up before the other one. Kick again (while still zoomed) to finish the chain and have the towers reset. If done correctly, the conductors will not activate and the two bottom lights will be kicked on, you will also get 100 Viewtiful points for the move. Repeat this process to continually gain 100 points for as long as you want.

Listen to Hidden Tune
When you're at an area with no enemies around, you can try out this neat (but useless) trick. Take out a bomb and hold the kick button (the same button used to take the bomb out). Joe will then juggle the bomb and whistle a part of the Mario theme tune. If you jump up in the air and do the same thing, and Joe will whistle a different part of the Mario tune. You have to listen closely to hear it.

Kill the Shark in under a minute
To easily kill the shark simply hit it like hell whilst zoomed in when he is not attacking and then when he attempts to eat you turn slow motion on and zoom in, then simply spin kick whilst he is trying to eat you, and he won't be able to grab you in his mouth and when this is happening you are kicking hell out of his life bar.

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