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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Super Monkey Ball Nintendo Gamecube Cheats

Finding bananas
Note where your monkey's head is turning to find the closest banana, whether it can be picked up or not.

Unlimited Continues
After you have unlocked all three mini-games (Monkey Billiards, Monkey Bowling, and Monkey Golf), you can then keep getting points and then eventually get the unlimited continues unlocked.

Bonus Level During Credits
When playing Challenge Mode select any difficulty level, beginner, advanced or expert, and beat it. You will be on a very long level where the people who are credited for the game name's appear at the top. The letters of the people's names will fall and you must dodge them while collecting bananas. If you hit a letter you lose bananas. The more bananas you have at the end the higher the ranking you will recieve.

Get Master Mode
Finish the game using Expert mode with no continues.

Get Red Warp Easy
On stage 18 of Advanced difficulty, there is a blue, green and red warp. An easy way to get the red warp is to just go forward a few feet then go off the right edge. You will fall on a lower platform. Just wait there and the red warp will come by in a few seconds

Easy 200 in target mode
On the level with the pyramids on the two sides: fly straight out to the middle platform, then hang at right. You should be able to glide gently to the pyramid and drop right on the 200 or 300. Use the 3x multiplier for more points.

Warp From Stage 2 to Stage 5
On stage two of beginner turn around as soon as you start and you'll see a ramp go up the ramp as slow as possible and still make it over the edge. If you did it correctly you should see a goal gate that will take you to stage five.

Mini Games
If you want to be able to play all the mini games once you have earned 2500 points your game should be saved. Now before selecting which mini game to buy take your memory card out and select a game. Now if you want to play another mini game just restart start the console with memory card in, data will be loaded on game load automatically and once again on mini game mode take your memory card out before selecting a game.

Skip credits
Hold L + R and repeatedly press A when you see the first words appear.

Quick finish in Monkey Race
During any Monkey Race on any setting, press L + R + A + X + Y to instantly finish the race.

Expert Level - Warp From Stage 3 to Stage 5
On Stage 3 on the expert level, enter the GOAL when it rotates to the color green. Then you'll warp to the bonus stage 5 level.


Play all mini-games with only 2,500 points
Earn 2,500 points in the game and save them to a memory card. Then, go to the mini-games section and remove the memory card that has the 2,500 saved on it. Select the mini-game you would like to play and the 2,500 points will not be deducted from your memory card as it has been removed. If you would like to play another mini-game, just reset the game and repeat the process.

Extra stages
Beat every level in a difficulty without loosing a life. You will be awarded with 3 more bonus stages.

Master Mode
Beat Expert and Extra Expert on one continue.You will get 10 master floors.

Secret bonus stage
Complete any mode of difficulty. After the final stage of that difficulty, you will be able to play a secret stage where you try to collect as many bananas, while the credits run. Watch out though, for letters from the credits will fall down and you'll have to dodge them. Don't hit any, though; you'll lose 10 bananas that way.

Unlimited Continues
After unlocking the three mini games, every 2500 play points afterwards gets you an extra continue. Once you have 9 continues, get 2500 more points to get unlimited continues!

Play Extra/Master Stages in Practice Mode
After reaching them in the Normal mode, you CAN play the Extra and Master stages in Practice mode. When selecting the difficulty from "Beginner", "Advanced", and "Expert", simply go further to the right, and you'll be able to select the Extra and Master stages.

Advanced level 18: Warp:
During the start of race against the goals on the giant musical note, just roll off the head of the first arrow on the right. You will fall to the bottom of the course. Wait for the red goal to swing around and roll directly through it. You will warp to level 25, the obstacle-like course.

Advanced level 25: Green goal:
Advanced mode level 25 has a green goal which can be reached by stopping at the blue goal and taking the pathway. Do not take any of the shortcuts unless you are very skilled, and are short on time (under twenty seconds). This will take you to level 28
At the very beginning, go to the left slightly (enough to clear the "boing" posts). Go as fast as possible directly into the hole. You will fly over the hole and the ledge will function as a ramp, which will propel you over the fences and the gap. You will fly directly into the green goal. Go through and you will warp to level 28.

Beginner level 6: Easy finish:
Just jump off to the right.

Expert level 2: Warp:
There is a warp door in the second stage of expert mode. The stage has two doors, the red one is the warp. It has bananas on the front. To reach it, you must climb a narrow path.

Expert level 8: Easy finish:
Just jump off to the right. You have little time and you must be careful because of the gaps.

Finding bananas:
Note where your monkey's head is turning to find the closest banana, whether it can be picked up or not

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