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Monday, June 15, 2015

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Nintendo Gamecube Cheats

Battle droid in multiplayer mode in the geonosis academy
Put in the password rogerroger.

Player 3 Bonus Objectives
Put in the password yub yub.

Unlimited Ammo
Put in the password chosen1.

All multiplayer levels
Put in the password fragfiesta.

Developer Pics
Put in the password saycheese.

All Game movies
Put in the password cinema.

Unlock Padme
To unlock Padme for the Geonosis level, enter the code CORDE.

Unlock Wookiee in Jedi Academy
To unlock the Wookiee in the Jedi Academy, enter the code FUZZBALL.

Unlock Yoda in Geonosis Academy
To unlock Yoda for Geonosis Academy, earn 45 bonus points.

Campaign Level Select
To unlock the ability to select levels in Campaign mode, enter GASMASK as a code.

To become invincible, enter 1WITHFORCE as a code.

Play Ewok Freedom Song ("Yub Yub")
Press UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT on the D-Pad, then B, A, START. (This is the old Konami code). Whenever you do this, you'll hear the wonderful song from the end of Return of the Jedi.

Unlock Clone Trooper for Geonosis Academy
To unlock the Clone Trooper for the Jedi Academy go to the Codes screen after clicking on options and bonuses, enter the code FAKE FETT. Just remember to put a space between FAKE and FETT.

Unlock Super Battle Droid For Geonosis Academy
To unlock the Super Battle Droid for the Geonosis Training Academy level, go to options, then click bonuses, then click Codes. Enter the code WAT TAMBOR, and it should say "You have unlocked Super Battle Droid for the academy" or something like that.


Multi-player level select:
Enter FRAGFIESTA as a password.

Unlimited secondary and special weapon:
Enter CHOSEN1 as a password.

Three bonus objectives for prior mission marked complete:
Enter YUB_YUB as a password. (or try YUB YUB)

Battle Droid unlocked in Academy: Geonosis level:
Enter ROGERROGER as a password.

Programming team photographs:
Enter SAYCHEESE as a password. Note: The Sketchbook option must first be unlocked to view them.

All FMV sequences:
Enter CINEMA as a password.

Ewok song:
Press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start at the options screen.

Geonosis: The Rescue Begins: Locating the three R5 droids:

First Droid: After destroying the first of the Hellfire Droids and before driving under the platforms, look for a ramp up the right wall of the canyon. At the top are ammunition and the first R5 Droid.

Second Droid: After destroying the second Anti-Orbital Cannon, the R5 Droid can be found on a plateau along the far west wall, just where the rock ridge begins.

Third Droid: The third R5 Droid is found along the left wall of the large room containing the last cannon's power supply

Unlock "Making Of" Video
To unlock the "Making Of" video, earn thirty bonus points.

Unlock CD Player
To unlock the CD player, earn thirty five bonus points.

Unlock Jedi Academy map for Multiplayer
To unlock the Jedi Academy map for multiplayer, earn twenty bonus ponits.

Unlock Raxus Duel map for Multiplayer
To unlock the Raxus Duel map for multiplayer, earn forty five bonus ponits.

Unlock Raxus Duel map for Multiplayer
To unlock the Raxus Duel map for multiplayer, earn five bonus ponits.

Unlock Rhen Var Conquest map for Multiplayer
To unlock the Rhen Var Conquest map for multiplayer, earn fifteen bonus points.

Unlock Sketchbook
To unlock the sketchbook, earn forty bonus points.

Unlock Team Photos in the Sketchbook
Enter the code SAYCHEESE to unlock team photos in the sketchbook. You must have the sketchbook unlocked in order for this code to work properly.

Unlock Thule Moon Control Zone map for Multiplayer
To unlock the Thule Moon Control Zone map for multiplayer, earn ten bonus ponits.

Unlock Unit Viewer
To unlock the unit viewer, earn twenty five bonus points.

Unlock Yoda for Multiplayer
To unlock Yoda for multiplayer, earn forty five bonus ponits.

Use Same Characters In Geonosis Academy
Pick any characters to start with. Once playing reset, and there should be squares with characters to choose from. Players go to the player you want to both be, stay there and let the timer run out. Players will now be able to be the same character

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