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Friday, June 5, 2015

SSX Tricky Nintendo Gamecube Cheats

Pipedream course
Win a medal on all Showoff courses.

Untracked course
Win a medal on all Race courses.

Uber - boards
Unlock all of the tricks for a character to get their uberboard, which is their best board.

Code for master
Press A, B, A, X, Y, Up, Down, Up, Down at the title screen. You will hear a sound if entered correctly.

Get Untracked Course
Get a medal on all race courses.

Character List
The original characters are:
1. Eddie
2. Elise
3. Moby
4. Mac

Unlockables are:
1. JP
2. Psymon
3. Brodi
4. Luther
5. Seeiah
6. Zoe
7. Luther
8. Kaori
9. Marisol
10. Marty

Mix Master Mike
Hold L1 + R1 and press X, X, Right, X, X, Down, X, X, Left, X, X, Up at the title screen. Release L1 + R1 and a sound will confirm correct code entry. Choose any boarder at the character selection screen and he or she will be replaced by Mix Master Mike on the course, with the ubers of the character that was originally selected. He has decks on his back and a vinyl board. Repeat the code to disable its effect.

Get Master Ranking
You must get a gold medal in both race and showoff on every course.


Cheat Codes
To activate these codes, you must enter them at the title screen. After you enter them, you will hear a sound effect.
To unlock Mix Master Mike: Hold L & R and press A A Z A A Z A A Z A A Z. Then select Mac.
To unlock alternate Elise suit (Mallora): Hold L & R and press A A Z X X Z B B Z Y Y Z. Then select Elise.
To max out stats for every character: Hold L & R and press B B Z B B Z A A Z A A Z.
To unlock all every course, rider, and board: Hold L & R and press A B Z X Y Z B Y Z X A Z.

Unlock New Courses
To Unlock "Untracked", get any medal in all courses in RACE mode.
To Unlock "Pipedream", get any medal in all courses in SHOWOFF mode.

Unlock Über Boards
To unlock a character's Über Board, fully complete that character's trick chapter and the board shall appear last at the board selection screen.

Unlocking Characters
These are all the characters and how you unlock them.
Eddie: Available from Start
Elise: Available from Start
Moby: Available from Start
Mac: Available from Start
Brodi: Earn 1 Gold Medal in World Circuit
Zoe: Earn 2 Gold Medals in World Circuit
JP: Earn 3 Gold Medals in World Circuit
Kaori: Earn 4 Gold Medals in World Circuit
Marisol: Earn 5 Gold Medals in World Circuit
Psymon: Earn 6 Gold Medals in World Circuit
Seeiah: Earn 7 Gold Medals in World Circuit
Luther: Earn 8 Gold Medals in World Circuit

Super boost:
Do Uber Tricks until the letters on top of your adrenaline bar (T-R-I-C-K-Y) are filled in red. Your meter will stay full, give you unlimited boost, and enable you to do Uber Tricks without a time limit.

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