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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Soul Calibur II Nintendo Gamecube Cheats

Unlock Characters in Weapon Master Mode
Play through Weapon Master mode to unlock characters, modes and stages. As you beat a character in Weapon Master Mode, that character will be unlocked for use in other modes. Unlockable characters include:
Lizard Man
Seung Mena

Another Arcade Mode
Finish arcade mode using any character.

Get Arcade Version Opening Sequence
Beat extra time attack mode on extreme difficulty 4 times.

Another vs. Mode
Finish extra arcade mode using any character.

Another Practice Mode
Finish weapon master mode using any character.

Play as Seung Mina
Use Weapon Master mode and get to chapter 6. Beat Seung Mina in the "Palace Icon" area and she will become playable.

Get Character Bios and Demo Theatre
Use any character to finish arcade mode or extra arcade mode.

Play as Sophitia
Use Weapon Master mode and finish chapter 4. Beat Sophitia in the last area and she will become playable.

Play as Charde
Use Weapon Master mode and finish chapter 2. Beat Charde in the first area of chapter and he will become playable. You can only win with a ring out in the match.

Play as Cervantes
Use Weapon Master mode and finish chapter 3. Beat Cervantes in the last area and he will become playable.

Play as Yoshimitsu
Use Weapon Master mode and finish chapter 2. Beat Yoshimitsu in the last area and he will become playable.

Stupiod Weapons
Each Character has a "stupid" weapon. Ex. Seung Mina:Rake LInk:butterfly net Nightmare:a boat oar Kilik:a plain bamboo staff ect. To unlock them, beat weapons master mode once to unlock extra mode. Then beat random levels' extra mission and you will eventually unlock one. Hint: they are usually in hard dungeons.

To unlock Assasin, beat weapon master mode once. Then go the the stage temple of the damned and beat the extra mode and that will unlock him.

Unlock Berserker
To unlock Berserker, beat weapon master mode once to unlock extra mission weapon master mode. Then go to the dungeon where you fight only berserkeers and beat it's exter mission. Your health will only recover a little after each round so I'd suddest being link and using the Cane of Bryna.

Easy Money
There are two good ways to get Easy Money in Soul Caliber II. One is to beat Arcade mode, it only takes about 5 minutes for experienced players, and you get 100 gold for doing it. Another way is to do the few 'Gamble' Stages in Weapons mode. This puts you against a team of 5 opponents. you start off winning 300 gold off the first one, and this doubles after you beat the second one, and so on. However, if you lose one battle you lose all the money you earned in the earlier battles.

More Money
The most effective way to make money by far is the fight in Weapons Master, Chapter 9, Task 2. The method is you must defeat the 3 opponents without being healed between battles, and due to strange forces you get pulled together slowley.
Now for the bonus, Every hit you land on the opponent you get about 300 gold, and this is good, but it is hard to finish the task, which is when you get the bonus gold. The sum of gold you get can get up to about 5000 gold without the gold for finishing the mission. Very Helpful!

Find Alioth
To find the subchapter of Alioth: it can be found if you are an edge master or higher. Play the third level of Mizar.

Ivy's Chocking chest stomp(Ivysweep)
To do this is to press X down and she will step on her opponent and while still stepping on the guy she will start chocking the other guy on his/her chest.You can tell if u did it right only if she says "I got you" when she does the stomp.

Ultimate Nightmare
To get Ultimate Nightmare,beat arcade mode 3 times with Mitsurugi,4 times with Kilik and 7 times with Raphael.On the 7th time,on your destined battle, Raphael should say:"It is my destiny for the Soul Edge!".Nightmare should say:"Fool! The Soul Edge is my destiny.Now, prepare to face your Ultimate Nightmare!".Continue your destined battle but Nightmare will be stronger. If you beat him,it will skip Inferno.Instead, you will have to defeat Ultimate Nightmare. He will say:"Time to die..." He will have a Black,Red and thicker Soul Edge. He has Black armour with golden lining and the Soul Edge eye on his chest plate.You have a team of every character armed with their version of the Soul Calibur. Once every teamate has attacked once with the Soul Calibur,Ultimate Nightmare will fall to the ground and say:"Father,I have failed..."He will vanish and Ultimate Nightmare will be able to battle in versus mode.

Nightmare's Stomp Frenzy
This only works if your opponent is laying on the ground. There are 2 stops he has, a single charged one, or about 5 fast but weak ones. To do the charged one, hold down and X. To do about 5 stomps, keep pushing down and X untill the frenzy is over.


Extra arcade mode
Successfully complete arcade mode with any character to unlock extra arcade mode.

Extra versus mode
Successfully complete extra arcade mode with any character to unlock extra versus mode.

Extra survival mode
Successfully complete survival mode with any character with a minimum of ten wins to unlock extra survival mode.

Extra practice mode
Successfully complete weapon master mode with any character to unlock extra practice mode.

Demo theater and character profiles
Successfully complete arcade and extra arcade mode with any character.

Unlock Special Stages
To unlock the 5 Special Stages complete these weapon master mode missions:
Lakeside Coliseum - Chapter 1, Stage 3
Money Pit/Top Tier - Chapter 4, Stage 1
Labyrinth - Chapter 6, Stage 6
Hwangseo Palace/Phoenix Court - Chapter 7, Stage 2
Egyptian Crypt - Chapter 8, Stage 5

Alternate Opening Screen
To gain a different START screen simply complete every mission available in Weapon Master mode, including the secondary missions unlocked after initial completion. The announcer's voice will also change

Secret Name Entry for Default Characters' Names
Type in "SAKURA_AKA" for your Name Entry in Arcade mode when you finished the game.
This will cancel your Name as "Sakura_Aka" and changed to the default names of the character you selected.
Example: Type in SAKURA_AKA when using Seung Mina, and your name will automatically changed back to Seung Mina instead.

Unlock Cervantes
Complete the final stage in chapter three, to unlock Cervantes.

Unlock Charade
Complete the first stage in chapter three, to unlock Charade.

Unlock Seung Mina
Complete the third stage in chapter six, to unlock Seung Mina.

Unlock Sophitia
Complete the final stage in chapter four, to unlock Sophitia.

Unlock Yoshimitsu
Complete the final stage in chapter two, to unlock Yoshimitsu

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