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Monday, May 11, 2015

Skies of Arcadia Legends Nintendo Gamecube Cheats

Exploration King Vyse
Get all discoveries (88 of them) and 90% or more hidden treasure chests to earn this rank.

Golden Hamachou
Earn all ranks, then go to the island between Shrine Island and Sailors' Isle (with the tunnel in it) to find this item.

Sky Battle King Vyse
Kill giant monsters and 12 other ship battles to get this rank.

Sky Fang weapon
Unlock all ranks then visit the Mystery Merchant to get this powerful weapon.

Vigoro the Black Pirate
Earn all ranks then go back to Crescent Isle to discover this bonus character.

Vyse the Battle Lord
Destroy 2,500 monsters or more to get this rank.

Vyse the Charismatic
Find all crew members to get this rank.

Vyse the Extravagant
Get 1 million gold and all luxury items for the ship to get this rank.

Vyse the Fisher King
Get 1,000 fish or more to go up to this rank.

Vyse the Legend
Get all discoveries, all treasure, and all bounties to earn this rank.

Vyse the Bounty King
Get rewards for every bounty (all 8 of them) to earn this rank.

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