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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Samurai Jack: The Shadow of Aku Nintendo Gamecube Cheats

Crystal Sword
During gameplay, press DOWN on the Right Analog Stick + UP on the C-Sick, A, X, B, Y.

Complete the game on Normal difficulty.

Complete the game on Hard difficulty.

Complete the game on Easy difficulty.

Flame Sword
Hold Up (Control Stick) and Down (C Stick) and press B, A, X, Y.

Max Zen Meter
Hold Left (Control Stick) and Right (C Stick) and press X, A, B, Y.

Max Health Meter
Hold Right (Control Stick) and Left (C Stick) and press A, X, Y, B.


Unlock Crystal Sword
During gameplay hold the Left Stick Down and the Right Stick Up, then press X, Circle, Square, Triangle

Beat the game on Normal Mode

Beat the game on Hard Mode

Beat the game on Easy Mode

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