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Saturday, March 7, 2015

NHL Hitz 2003 Nintendo Gamecube Cheats

Unlockable Teams in Franchise Mode
The following teams can be unlocked in Franchise mode by beating them by 2 goals:
Winnipeg Lumberjacks
London Barons
Rome Gladiators
Stockholm Vikings
Zurich Blizzard
Berlin Thunder
Moscow Wolves
Tokyo Herons
Sarnia Hazard
Montego Bay Lobsters
Victoria Seagulls
Monte Carlo High Rollers
Hong Kong Silicons
Maui Kahunas
Brooklyn Brawlers
Sydney Piranhas

Unlockable Teams
The following 4 teams can be unlocked by beating specific records:
The Big Babies Team - Most Stick Checks in a game
The Greys Team - Most Powerplay Goals in a game
The Herd Team - Most Shots in a game
The Snowmen Team - Most Hits in a game

Unlockable Stadiums
There are 4 stadiums that can be unlocked. They Are:
Jungle Stadium - Complete Hockey School
Egypt Staduim - Win a Tournament
Graveyard Staduim - Get 20 Trivia Points
Playroom Staduim - Get 50 Trivia Points

Unlockable Stadiums in Career Mode
The following staduims can be unlocked in career mode by beating the team that plays in that stadium by 2 goals:
Winnipeg Pond
London Castle
Rome Coliseum
Stockholm Barn
Zurich Mountain
Berlin Auto Factory
Moscow Square
Tokyo Square
Sarnia Staduim
Montego Bay Staduim
Victoria Staduim
Monte Carlo Staduim
Hong Kong Staduim
Maui Staduim
Brooklyn Staduim
Sydney Staduim

Easy Goals
When your team gets a penalty, it is not possible to get another penalty, so you can do anything without getting penalized for it . You can then knock over the opposing goalie, and score when he is down. This is much easier with more than one player

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