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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

NHL 2K3 Nintendo Gamecube Cheats

Easy Goals
Swerve side to side when on breakaway or alone for a shot. When the goalie is to far out of position, shoot a wrist shot to score. This works about 70% of the time. Pause game play and select 'Choose Sides'. Choose the opposing team, then select 'Pull Goalie'. Resume game play long enough for the goalie to get off the ice. Pause game play again and choose your original team. Then, shoot the puck at the goal and it will slide in before the goalie can return. This is very useful if you are down a few goals at the end of the game.

More Pim
Put all enforcers out on the ice for the entire game and have skill level set all the way up (or at least on pro). You can get a total of 325 PIM by doing this. Ray, Boulton, Stock, Chara, Domi, and others are recommended.

Best Enforcer Line
LW: Matt Barnaby
C: Brad May
RW: Rob Ray
Rhett Warrener
: Jay Mckee

Motionless Defense
If done correctly, you can go behind the opposing team's net and not have a man on you. If you are directly in the middle behind the net, the defense will stay at their posts and you can stand there for usually quite sometime. This trick is useful on penalty kills and afterwards, wrap arounds will give you a good chance to score.

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