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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

NBA Live 2005 Nintendo Gamecube Cheats

Elbow Hang Dunk
To do an elbow hang dunk, first hold the L button, press B as your gather, and press Y as your trick and your character will put his elbow in the rim.

Behind The Back Dunk
To Do a behind the back donk hold the L button, Press B for a gather and X as your trick and you will do a behind the back dunk.

Flip Gather
To do a flip on your gather you must first do a ball toss. after your ball toss run towards the basket hold the L button and press X twice. The character will do a flip and then go on to catch the ball and do a dunk.

Between The Legs Twice Dunk
To go between the legs twice on a dunk, before the gather hold the L button and while you are doing that press X on your gather and X for your trick. Note that you will have to hold X on your trick a little longer than normal.

Various Codes
Enter these cheats on the codes screen in My NBA Live:
Effect - Code
All Classics Hardwood Jerseys - PRYI234N0B
All shoes - FHM389HU80
All team gear - 1NVDR89ER2
Alternate Hornets Jersey - JRE7H4D90F
Alternate Sonics Jersey - BHD87YY27Q
Get 50,000 Dynasty points - YISS55CZ0E
Huarache 2K4 - VNBA60230T
Nike Air Unlimited - XVLJD9895V
Nike Bg - 0984ADF90P
Shox Elite - 2388HDFCBJ
Zoom Generation Low - 234SDJF9W4
Zoom LeBron II - 1KENZO23XZ

Easy shots
Before attempting a shot when you are closely guarded, try stepping back to clear space and increase your chances of making the basket. To step back, tap Right Analog-stick Down when you are standing and dribbling the ball. At any point during this move, you can press Shoot to launch your shot. This is also a great move if your player is standing just inside the arc and want to try a 3-pointer instead of a long-range 2.

Easy dynasty points
Play a game under the rookie difficulty in dynasty mode and get 20 shots in a row. Just do dunks and play against a team with no shot blockers. You will get over 2000 dynasty points.

Simulate dynasty to the playoffs or pass the playoffs to the off-season. You should get a message on your PDA that states that you have received NBA Store points.The amount may vary. Go to NBA Store to see how many points you have, then exit. Save the settings but do not save the dynasty. Go to the main menu and load your settings. Go to NBA Store and buy items (shoes, throwbacks, accessories, etc.). When out of points, save your settings and repeat this trick.

Easy dynasty mode
Before you start dynasty mode, trade Deshauwn Stevenson and Jameer Nelson for Brad Miller. Start dynasty mode, then play with Miller for about five games very well (only score points with him). However, make sure you win all of the games. Then, trade Brad Milller for Okufor on the Bobcats. You will win every game. Make sure you do not trade Francis, Howard, Hill, Cato, or Mobley. Mobley will try to leave at the end of the season; resign him.

Easy points
To get easy points, give the ball to your PG and use Direct Switch with your best dunker on the team. Then, set a pick and roll for the PG (or the ball handler). Move your person in the opposite direction of where the PG moved. When you are a few steps from the basketball, press Alley-Oop. This works at least 80% of the time. The best teams for this are those that have flashy players (the Denver Nuggets, Houston Rockets, Orlando Magic, Miami Heat, or just a team that has a few dunkers)

Give the ball to a very good player such as Bryant, Iverson, Pierce, McGrady, etc., and call the Isolation play by pressing D-pad Left. Most times they will double team you and just pass the ball to the wide open player. He hopefully will make the shot. This will only work if you have trouble getting a shot. Be careful because it does not work all the time.

Winning championships easily
To win championships without playing, just save and simulate. If you lose, quit without saving and simulate again until you win.

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