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Monday, January 12, 2015

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Nintendo Gamecube Cheats

Art Gallery 1
To unlock Art Gallery 1, scan 40% of items in the game.

40% of Logbook Scans: Promotional Gallery
60% of Logbook Scans: Character Gallery
80% of Logbook Scans: Creature Gallery
Get 100% Logbook Scans: Boss Gallery
75% of Items Obtained: Samus Body Suit Cinema
100% of Items Obtained: Dark Samus Ending
Beat the game on Normal Mode: Rough Sketch Gallery
Beat game on Hard Mode: Storyboard Gallery

Unlockable Multiplayer Bonuses
Effect - Code
Dark Echoes Soundtrack - Complete the Game
Darkness Soundtrack - Complete the Game
Luminoth Soundtrack - Talk to U-Mos for the first time
Pipeline Arena - Restore Energy to Torvus Temple and talk to U-Mos
Pirate Fear Soundtrack - Restore Energy to Agon Temple and talk to U-Mos
Sanctuary Soundtrack - Restore Energy to Sanctuary Temple and talk to U-Mos
Spires Arena - Restore Energy to Sanctuary Temple and talk to U-Mos
Torvus Bog Soundtrack - Restore Energy to Torvus Temple and talk to U-Mos

In-game reset
Hold Start + B + X for three seconds.

Defeating the Alpha Blogg
To defeat the Alpha Blogg, you must first scan him if you want a good ending. However, this is optional. Once you are fighting him, make sure you always have him locked on. Sometimes he will shoot air bubbles at you, then charge at you. When he is charging, charge the Power Beam. Just before he hits you, fire the Super Missile. Do not do this too soon or late or you will hit his side. You will still get hit, but it will not do much damage if you have the energy tanks. Keep doing this until he is defeated.

The Alpha Blogg can be eliminated the same way you would take care of the normal Bloggs. The only differences are that you can move freely with the Gravity Boost and that the Alpha Blogg shoots sonic waves which will stun you and your gun for a few seconds. To kill it, charge your Power Beam and wait until it rams you. When it gets close to you, it will open its mouth. At that point, shoot like mad. The Super Missile will damage it the most. After you shoot, strafe and dash using Left or Right and B. Repeat this about four to five times to win.

Defeating Amorbis
There are two stages where you will encounter Amorbis. In one stage, Amorbis will leap into the air and back into the ground, where its impact will damage you if you are close to it. Use your radar more often to see where Amorbis is located. Stay inside the Light Crystals to avoid being damaged by the atmosphere. As it leaps up into the air, shoot it with the Power Beam, Light Beam, or missiles. After several hits, it will be time for stage two. On stage two, it will stay at the center of the arena and will use its physical attacks. Be careful, as Amorbis will also disable the Light Crystals. Move on to the next one if that happens. It will also shoot multiple blue energy beams on the ground. The best way to dodge these is to morph into a ball inside the Light Crystals and hover around the energy beams. Blast Amorbis down with the Power Beam, Light Beam, or missiles. Its head will explode and it will try to suck you in. Quickly form into a ball and let it suck you in, then drop some bombs inside it. The battle repeats both stages again, but with two, then three worms and it gets tougher. Once Amorbis is defeated, the Dark Suit is yours.

Defeating the Bomb Guardian
The fight will begin with you fighting an Alpha Sanddigger for a brief moment. First, when the Alpha Sanddigger is not infected by the Dark energy, shoot it in the face with a few Power Beam shots (like a regular Sanddigger). In a few seconds, the Alpha Sanddigger will get infected by Dark energy, transforming it into the Bomb Guardian. The Bomb Guardian is fast -- never stand in one place. It also has a variety of attacks. As you might expect, the Bomb Guardian uses your morph ball bombs against you. It will throw bombs at you, leave some behind as it slithers across the arena, and hurl some out of its mouth. The easiest way to evade the bombs it throws is to keep your reticule locked on to it and strafe. Its other attacks include charging at you, and biting you if you get too close. You should also lock on and strafe to avoid these attacks Note: When you avoid the Bomb Guardian's charge attack, it will get behind you, making you lose your lock-on. When this happens, quickly turn around and lock back on to it. During the battle, you will notice a purple glowing thing on its tail. Lock on to it and shoot it when you get the chance while avoiding its attacks, until it is red and not glowing. Two Charge Beam shots should be sufficient. When you shoot it, the Bomb Guardian will prepare its attack. While it is doing this, shoot it in the head to whittle down its health. Be careful, as it will soon hurl some morph ball bombs from its mouth. It is practically possible to avoid this attack -- do not get hit more than one time. Repeat this process until it is dead. When you kill it, you will obtain your morph ball bombs again. Note: When the Bomb Guardian throws bombs at you or charges at you, its weak spot on its tail will stop glowing. Ignore this, as you still cannot damage it until you make it stop glowing.

Defeating the Boost Guardian
In this battle, your energy will slowly decrease because of the Dark atmosphere. There are no Light Crystals to help you. There are four pillars in the room, and each contains the Ultra Energy Unit when broken down. They are essential to your survival. The Boss will take two forms, normal and liquid. When in its normal form, blast it down with a Super Missile, as it will damage him the most. The Boss will then form into a morph ball and start spiking through the room randomly. Jump over it, or form into a ball to get out of its way. Also watch out for its minions. After three to four spikes, it will follow you on the ground in maroon liquid form. Quickly form into a ball, roll around, and drop bombs behind you. It will repeat spiking and forming into liquid again. Repeat this and it will finally revert back to normal form. Blast it with the Super Missile and repeat the entire process until it is dead. Once it is defeated, the Boost Ball upgrade is yours.

Before you enter the hole to the Boss' chamber, switch to the Light Beam. By doing this, you will start with it when you are out of morph ball mode. When the battle begins, you will automatically change out of morph ball mode. Either scan him or begin charging your Light Beam (which will be your default) and try to get two or three shots on him before he starts glowing. When he glows red, he is temporarily invincible. When he is in ball form, switch to morph ball mode. This will make avoiding his minion Ing easier. If you can, drop a morph ball bomb in front of him before he charges off -- look for the line down the middle of his ball form. He will charge in one of those two directions. If the blast hits him while he is in ball form, he will instantly turn into his liquid form, in which case he will follow you around. Drop M.B.B.s to damage him. If he starts boosting around before you hit him, roll around, dropping morph ball bombs and try to avoid him. If he hits the bomb blasts while he is moving, he will stop and turn into his liquid form. After about three bombs in his liquid form, he will change back to his solid form. Change back to your gun mode and repeat those steps. He should die after about three repetitions.

See Samus' face
Walk to a wall and face it. Charge up your beam and shoot it to reveal Samus' face reflecting off her helmet.

Collect 75% of the items in the game, and you'll see Samus outside of her suit after beating the final boss. Collect all items, and see a special ending with Dark Samus.

Defeating the Power Bomb Guardian
This guy has your Power Bomb and spews it them out at you. There are those little Darkling guys, so shot them to gain more health if you need it. To beat him, there are 4 bomb slots near the top of the room. Use the Spider Ball to get to all of them. After you get to all the slots, a metal plate will crash on top of the gaurdian and crush him. THe power bombs will look all blue adn yellow and explode all over the place killing just about everything they hit. NOTE: After you defeat him, ther Power Bomb still requires ammunition. There also still those Power bombupgrade from the last game. Just so you know!

Defeating the Grapple Guardian
If you remember the Glenchers from the light world (the reptiles like the Shegoths from the last game) well this guy is a type of elite dude (or Alpha). He is very easy, or atleast for me he was. There are 2 weak points on him, the eye (like under on his jaws) and his back. Here is what you need to do. Shot his eye with whatever you want, you should know that when you shot at his eye, it will eventually just piss him off. He will attack with the Grapple Beam in his horn, use the two pillars in the room to avoid him. After shotting him a lot, he will shot a grapple beam at you. Jump behind a pillar and he will get jammed. Jump behind him and shot the hell out him for your life (literallly). Continue the process of shotting his, ticking him off, and jumping behind him and shotting him. Eventually, you will defeat him if you continue this process.

Defeating the Spider Guardian
There is no official way to beat this guy who has your Spider Ball. Although sounds simple, it is not. The whole time you wil have to be using you morph ball for this guy. First of all, you will need to stun him using your bombs before the bomb slot, which you will find out later, which at first is easy. He will have a Blue field around him which does 20 damage when it hits you. When you stun (depending on how many times) he will turn red and move faster. If you are lucky enough to stun him enough, he will go green and the slot will be online. All you need to do is get to the Bomb Slot and it will open a latch, the Spider gaurdian goes by it and hits an Electric Field causing 1/6 health to be taken away. The last part is very complicated. There are three slots adn they must all be active at a time. The first slot is at the bottom and must be activated when the Guardian is at the other end from where you are. If this sounds confusing, do not worry, you will understand when you fight him. When I said that there were 3 bomb slots, yes they all must be active all at one time to eventually finish him off.

Beating Chykka Adult
After you defeat the larva, the water level depletes and your platform splits into 3 pieces with the Luminoth Shields. To get around there are 3 floating Platforms that you can use your Grapple Beam for. When the water goes down the you will see a Cocoon which the larva is in. The adult breaks out and begins attacking. To beat this flying menace, use any weapons you want (I would reserve the light beam) to attack it, though all you are doing is stunning it. After you stun the beast, 4 red indicators will appear on its wings. Use the Grapple Beam to get around it and hit the one of the wings (try to use the Super Missle), hit all the wings and something will happen. The creature falls into the water transforming into the Dark Chykka Adult. This one is slightly easier, all you need to do is attack it with a charged Light Beam to do the most effective damage. Watch out, this guy launchs off little minions to attack you. After shotting it for awhile it will tranforms back int the regular Chykka Adult. Do the same proceess of stunning and hitting the wings. When it falls into the water again, it will go back into the Dark Version, at that time concentrate on attacking it and not it minions. If you are having trouble still, send me an e-mail.

Defeating Chykka
This final boss before you can restore teh Light Energy to the bog is iinside a Cocoon and is growing at a rapid rate. Blow it off the front of the door adn the cocoon will break open. The Chykka Larva will begin swimming around the water and that is not the right time to shot. However, dark shredder plants will come out of the water to attack you, kill them and you can restore your health. To attack this evil thing, wait for it to jump out of the water, I would recommend any charged beam weapon for an attack. Super Missles and Regular Missles will not work on this guy so use your beams. When it does jump out of the water, launch off your beam and jump because it will send some spit and small wave of water at you. It may take some time before you take it down, but it will happen eventually. THe other attack it will do is jumping onto the platforn, hit you with its tounge and pull you in so it can hurl poison all over you. To avoid that, jump all aorund (not in the water) to avoid and rapidlly press on your beam attacks.

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