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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Men In Black 2: Alien Escape Nintendo Gamecube Cheats

Level select
Press R, Y, Left, B, X, L, Left, Up, A, Down, L, X.

All Combat Skills Training levels
Press X, Up, L, Left, Y, A, R, B, Right, R, X, B.

All weapons at full power
Press Up, Down, A, X, R, Y(2), Left, B, L(2), Right.

Full Beam
Press Left, B, Y, Right, L, X, Left, R(2), Y.

Full Bolt
Press Left, Right, Up, Down, L, B, Y, R, Left, Down, X(2).

Full Spread
Press L, R, B, L, Down, Up, L, Right, Left, A.

Full Homing
Press Right, Up, X, L, Left(2), L, Left, B, Left.

Full Area Effect
Press Left, A, Y, Up, A, Down, X, L, Left, R.

Do Not Drop Weapon Levels
Press Down, Up, A, X, Down, Up, A, X, L(2), X, B.

Press Right, A, R, Y, Up, L, A, Left, L, B, A, R.

Boss mode
Press R, Y, Down(2), A, L, Left, X, Right, Y, R, L.

Agent data
Press Up, Down, B, R, Left, L, Right, A, R, X, Up, R.

Alien data
Press X, L, B, L, Down, Y, R, Right, A, Left, R, Y.

Making Of FMV sequences
Press B, L, R, B, Y, Down, X, A, Right, L, A, Up.

Better guns
Get better guns by using Agent K.

Faster speed
If you want to be faster, use Agent J.

Defeating Bosses
When fighting the Bosses, it is just as easy to use your pistols than any other gun.

Cheat Mode
Enter one of the following codes at the title screen when "Press Start Button" appears. The screen will flash to confirm correct code entry. Note: Enabling a cheat will disable saves. Also, the Combat Skills Training levels will not be available, unless its code is used.

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