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Friday, November 7, 2014

The Italian Job Nintendo Gamecube Cheats

Completion Bonus
Successfully complete the game in story mode to unlock the photo gallery, concept art, pre-production gallery, and credits.

All Circuit Racing Cars
Successfully complete the game with an 'A' rank in all levels.

All Stunt Tracks
Successfully complete the first four set of stunt tracks with an 'A' rank to unlock the first bonus stunt track. Complete the bonus stunt track with an 'A' rank to unlock the second bonus stunt track. Complete the second bonus stunt track with an 'A' rank to unlock the third bonus stunt track.

Extra Options
Complete all circuit races in first place in each them to unlock extra options at the game option menu.

Winning Races
Always double accelerate and use the handbrake.

Whenever you need to brake, always use the handbrake. It is more efficient and easier to use due to the controls and placement of the buttons on the controller.

Unrealistic Appearances
When being chased by the police or Steve's henchmen, their cars just appear out of nowhere on the road. The same also happens with busses. Be careful not to hit them when they appear in front of you. This may be difficult to impossible.

Double Accelerator And Double Brake/Reverse Speed
To accelerate, you can use the C-stick or A. To go twice as fast as usual or faster, use both at the same time. To brake, use C-stick or B,. If you use both, you will brake quicker and then accelerate faster in reverse.

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