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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Looney Tunes: Back In Action Nintendo Gamecube Cheats

Duck Danger costume
Enter DANGERD as a code to play the entire game as Daffy Duck in his Duck Danger costume.

Hen grenades
Enter HENSAWAY as a code to give your toon a new attack option called "Hen Grenades".

Shrink Ray gun
Go to options>cheats and enter WEENY. You will now be able to use the shrink ray gun any time you want buy pressing X. (If you already entered HENSAWAY it will not work.

Level Select
Enter PASSPORT as a code.

Enter TOUGHAGE as a code to make Bugs and Daffy invincible. They will still get hit by enemies, but will not lose their lives.

Free Costume Doors
Enter SUITSYOU as a code.

Show Gossamer Doors In The Warner Bros. Studios.
Enter GOBBLE as a code.

Cannon Ball Costume
Enter CANNON as a code to play the entire game in the Cannon Ball costume.

Slappy Fish
Enter SLAPPY as a code.

Acme Shrink Ray
Enter WEENY as a code.

Additional $500
Enter AMUNKEY as a code.

Duck Danger Battle
Enter OUTTAKE as a code.

Wile. E. Coyote Mini-game
Enter FURRYOUS as a code.


On the code entry menu enter DANGERD to play the whole game as "Danger Duck".
On the code entry menu enter HENSAWAY to attack with a new selectable weapon

On the code entry menu enter:
PASSPORT --- Access All Areas
DANGERD --- Danger Duck costume
SUITSYOU --- Free Costume Doors
AMUNKEY --- Gain an extra $500
HENSAWAY --- Hen Grenade attack
TOUGHAGE --- Invulnerability
GOBBLE --- Reveals Gossamer Doors in Warner Bros. Studios.
SLAPPY --- Slappy Fish
WEENY --- Unlock ACME Shrink Ray
CANNON --- Unlock Cannon Ball Costume
OUTTAKE --- Unlock Duck Danger Battle
FURRYOUS --- Unlock Wile. E. Coyote Game

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