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Monday, November 17, 2014

Kirby's Air Ride Nintendo Gamecube Cheats

King Dedede
Defeat King Dedede in event stage 24 to unlock him in City Trial mode. Defeat a total of 1000 opponents to unlock him in Air Ride mode.

Accumulate at least thirty minutes of air time to unlock Meta-Knight.

Shadow Star
Use Quick Spins to defeat 10 enemies.

Wing Star
Win a race while flying. You need to come in 1st.

Bulk Star
Win Celestial Valley in 3 minutes 20 seconds.

Brown Kirby in City Trial Mode
Use the heavy star to beat Sandoola under 1 minute 30 seconds.

Green Kirby in City Trial Mode
Use the cannon to destroy an enemy ten times.

Purple Kirby in City Trial Mode
Destroy an enemy vehicle five times.

White Kirby in City Trial Mode
Build the Dragon and the Hydra in one match.

Galax in AirRide Mode
Complete 100 laps on any level.

Brown Kirby in AirRide Mode
Use the wing star to beat Zeroyon Attack 2 under 30 seconds.

Green Kirby in AirRide Mode
Eat three swordknights and then beat a race.

Purple Kirby in AirRide Mode
Beat a two-lap race in Airoon under 2 minutes 30 seconds.

White Kirby in AirRide Mode
Beat a two-lap race in Vallerion under 2 minutes 30 seconds.

Unlocking Legendary Vechicles in City Trial
Use this cheat in City Trial and ONLY City Trial! To use Dragoon in Start Mode, go and smash every red crate you see! Most will have items like bombs, swords, and wings but, sometimes you can get Dragoon and Hydra parts inside! (They are both legendary vechicles). When you find a piece,(which is floating and glows) pick it up like a normal item. When you all 3 pieces of Dragoon (or Hydra) you transform into it and you can use it just for that round. To unlock Dragoon in City Trial's Free Run, you have to complete tasks.

Part A: Jump 1,000 feet or higher in City Trial's High Jump.
Part B: In Start Mode, fly through the rings in the sky 5 times or more.
Part C: In City Trial's Air Glider fly 1,300 feet or further.

You now can use Dragoon in City Trial's Free Run!

Get Off Machine
In city trial mode, hold A to charge up and then hold the control stick down. Kirby will jump off his machine.

Legendary Machine Parts
Look for red boxes in out of the way spots on the track and run over them.

Hydra holy car
To get hydra in free run mode of city trial you need too collect 3 parts this is how you get them:

PART 1 = break all dilapateded houses in one game(the iron blocks before the light house)
PART 2 = beat in total 1500 enemies of kirby melee.
PART 3 = beat more then 150 enemies in destruction derby(part 1 and 2 are in all the games of kirby melee and destruction derby)

Ride a Hydra
Sometimes in city trial you will find some weird green pointy stuff. Collect all three of them and you will ride a hydra. It cant go anywhere but if you boost it up all the way then you will go super fast. Note: The green pointy stuff can be found anywhere-even on trees.


Shoot 3 characters out of the cannon at one time.

Sound Test: Results Screen
Make your lap time's last two digits the same number.

Sound Test: SKY SANDS
In Time Attack, finish Sky Sands in under 03:10:00.

Sound Test: Air Glider
Stay airborne for longer than 30 seconds in Air Glider

Sound Test: City Trial
Drive a total of 30 minutes in Free Run

Sound Test: Dense Fog
Break at least 500 boxes

Sound Test: Dyna Blade
Intro Damage Dyna Blade

Sound Test: Flying Meteor
Have Meteor Alert 3 times

Sound Test: Huge Pillar
Break the pillar at least 5 times

Sound Test: Item Bounce
Grab a total of over 100 items

Sound Test: Kirby Melee
Defeat at least 40 enemies in Kirby Melee 2

Sound Test: Legendary
Air Ride Machine Switch Air Ride Machines 10 or more times in Free Run

Sound Test: Rowdy Charge
Tank Finish Drag Race 1 in 00:20:00 or less

Sound Test: Station Fire
Destroy a Slick Star with a Formula Star in City Trial

Sound Test: Tac Challange
Take over 8 items from Tac by yourself

Sound Test: Target Flight
Stay airborne for more than 15 seconds in Target Flight

Sound Test: The Lighthouse Lights
Destroy a Warpstar with a Swerve Star in City Trial

Sound Test: What's in the Box?
Defeat at least 30 enemies in Kirby Melee 2 in one match

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