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Monday, July 14, 2014

Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg Nintendo Gamecube Cheats

How to save Rolly
This is the fourth mission on Pirate Island and you only have five minutes to save her. The first set of monsters isn't that hard then you keep on going until you get to this up hill, this is when it get's tricky cause you have to make sure you get right in the circle. And, at the end of the road there will be Rolly.

Play With Chick In Story Mode
In the 4th mission in Dino Mountain, beat it, and you will be able to play with Chick in Story Mode.

How To Attack With Your Partners
To attack with your partners, press X.

Less Stress
When holding the gold eggs, always use the egg yo- yo / billiard shot to hit crows with.

Play With Bantam In Story Mode
In Blizzard Castle, beat the 4th mission, and you will be able to play with Bantam.

Sonic Egg
Collect all Chick Coins in the first five missions in any world to be able to use the Sonic egg.

Getting Behind The Waterfall - Level 1-5
Use Richie to get there by using the purple egg with stripes.

Game Boy Advance eggs
Find and hatch the following bonus eggs in the corresponding locations to unlock a downloadable Game Boy Advance mini-game.
Chu Chu Rocket: Pirates island 2
Nights: Circus Park 2
Billy Hatcher Hyper Shoot Easy: Dino Mountain 2
Billy Hatcher Hyper Shoot Hard: Sand Ruin 2
Puyo Pop: Blizzard Castle 3

Easy rolls
Instead of trying to beat the egg you roll down the point you have to catch it before it roll off a cliff, roll with the egg by jumping then pressing R while rolling on the tracks.

All Partners
If you want to know all the partners, do multimode and open all the eggs. You won't find out thier name and it won't go on the egg gallery.


Sonic Egg
Collect all the Chick Coins for the first 5 missions in any world

GBA Download Mini Games
Go to the following locations and hatch the bonus egg to unlock the GBA Download Mini Game.

Puyo Pop - Blizzard Castle 3
Chu Chu Rocket - Bonus Egg In Pirate Island 2
Nights - Circus Park 2
Billy Hatcher Hyper Shoot Easy - Dino Mountain 2
Billy Hatcher Hyper Shoot Hard - Sand Ruin 2

Play as Rolly Roll, Chick Poacher, and Bantam Scrambled
Bantam Scrambled - Beat Blizzard Castle Mission 4: Save Bantam
Chick Poacher - Beat Dino Mountain Mission 4: Save Chick
Rolly Roll - Beat Pirate Island Mission 4: Save Rolly

Secret Emblems
In addition to the 56 mission emblems, there are 4 extra:
Emblem 58 - Complete all 56 missions
Emblem 57 - Complete Egg Gallery
Emblem 59 - Find and collect all 280 coins
Emblem 60 - Get an S Rank in every level

How to beat the first 3 bosses
The first boss is a boss that hides in the grass so you have to run through the grass with an egg. (damages get stronger the bigger the egg is) Then keep repeating this and eventually you will win.
The second boss is a pirate who is made of water. You have to dodge his water bubbles until he gets in them. Then when he jumps out he will just stand there and you attack him with your egg.He shoots more bubbles every time so watch out.
The third boss is a creature on a bone dragon in the lava. You have to keep dodging the meteors until the dragon bites the edge and the guy falls off. You then have to quickly get to him and smack him around with your egg. He will do this for a while so try and stay alive

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