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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Backyard Football Nintendo Gamecube Cheats

Make Players Invisible
Go to the main menu and press Z to get the code screen and put in GHOST as a code.

Useful Moves
Press L and R to fake them out.

Get the Cereal Bowl stadium
Win the cereal bowl championships.

Instant Fumble
To cause a fumble, tackle them perfectly straight behind or front with a charge.

Walter Payton
Go to season mode and type in Walter Payton as the coach name and pick any team and he will be on your team. This will only work in season mode.


If you hit someone straight on or behind with speed they will fumble.

Invisible players:
Press Z at main menu to display the cheats screen, then enter GHOST as a code.

If you go straight for someone and press R or L you will juke them out

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